Daniel Breston is feverishly working on creating his site which will include:

  • What are the principles of Business Continuity enabled by technology
  • What are the things we will and won’t do as a service
    • We coach and advise – not consult
    • We focus on blending Agile, Lean, DevOps, ITSM with Business Continuity
    • We help change the perception of people and teams involved with these practices
    • We coach how to introduce these practices into the everyday work of all employees
    • We integrate suppliers into your value system
    • We will discuss but most likely not accept a consulting engagement but can find you someone to help
    • We work virtually as much as possible
  • Links to blogs, articles, webinars
  • Links to workshops
  • Contact details

We hope to be live in late August. Stay tuned and if you want to be on our list when we begin, please contact: daniel@danielbreston.com